Thursday, 31 March 2011

China Glaze OMG

OMG indeed!!! My local shop where I get almost all my polishes is having 25% off China Glaze for the next month. Seemed like a great time to try the brand again, perhaps it will be better than Innocence. I got two polishes for now, this and Dorothy Who? for the equivalent of 11$.
OMG is a silver holographic polish with very fine particles. I mean they are tiny, like dust. Even with great magnification you cannot see individual particles. The polish itself is quite lovely, more than that really! The formula is thin, but the polish builds up nicely. Here I'm wearing two coats. When I put it on there were brush marks visible, but they are less noticeable when the polish dries. What is quite noticeable is any imperfections of the nails. So I think I'll need to get a good ridge filler for the base.
Another thing I like about this polish is that the holographic effect is noticeable even in without the sun and in artificial light, even if it is less pronounced.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Versace Heat V2045-W

This is yet another oldie that I have I have lying around. It is a very pretty purple with lots of blue shimmer. This is two coats. I like the color and how shimmery it is, it even dries relatively quickly (can't say that about many polishes that are about 10 years old). There's just one thing I don't like about this polish. After a while the shine and sparkle dulls considerably, I don't know why but it has always been like this. Another coat of shiny top coat does improve the situation, but again not for very long.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Chanel 483 Vendetta

This is one gorgeous polish! I love, love, love it! Vendetta is a one coat dark purple polish that has pink and blue sparkle in it. It dries ok, not super fast, but it is fine. In the bottle it looks quite different - much brighter and the shimmer is more visible. When the polish dries, it looks darker and less sparkly, and in the natural light it looks almost black. Still, it is such a sexy polish!
Also on the nails it kind of looks like OPI Russian Navy does in the bottle.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Versace Heat V2042-W

I've had this polish for a really long time. If I had to guess, something like 10 years. I quite like the color, sort of rusty brick red with a very subtle shimmer. For me it is a one coat polish, it dries ok, not super fast, but I put it down to age.
However, I don't like two things about this polish, or more like the three Versace polishes I have in general. First of all, the name, or the lack of it. V2042-W. If you really want to call your polishes with numbers, go for simpler ones. I also have a problem with the bottle shape. I have about half of the bottle left, but to get the polish out is rather difficult, since the bottle is wide and the edge at the top is at a straight angles, no matter how much you tilt it, it stays trapped inside. Am I making myself clear? :)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

OPI Golden Rainbow

I have been looking at this polish for months now, looking and holding it in my hands every time I go to my nail polish shop, but not getting it for some reason. Until now :) This is probably the prettiest polish I own.
OPI Golden Rainbow is a very pretty glitter top coat. It has tiny gold glitter, slightly bigger silver glitter and quite big holographic hexagon glitter. In one word it is just Amazing!!!
I can't really find a lot about this polish, it's after they changed the formula, so if you know anything about it, please share.
Below is the polish in one and two coats respectively over bare nails.

Here is Golden Rainbow layered over Orly Black Out.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Orly Black Out

I don't wear black polish very often, but I sometimes get the urge to do it. I've had a few different blacks over the years. Black Out is the one I have right now. I can't say that I hate it, but it's not that great. Orly themselves describe it as a creme. I can't really decide what kind of polish it is. When I got it, it was very thick and at the same time really streaky. It does dry nice and shiny, but for this I needed two, and in some cases three coats. That is not what I want from my black polish and I can get great shine with a top coat. Bottom line is that I had nicer black polishes from no name companies.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

OPI Rose Petals

I actually got this polish for my mum. She wanted a new polish, and would have probably got her usual pinky-beige frosty nightmare. I got this for her instead. OPI Rose Petals is quite a nice, a very neutral creme color. Here I'm wearing three coats, but you can wear just two easily, it will be just less opaque. I like the formula of this one, it's just right and not streaky, plus it dries quickly. I thought I wouldn't like the color of this one, but it's nice when I want a break from reds and dark colors.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Chanel 441 Cherry

This is another of Lena's polishes that I get to try. It's lovely, and adorable and makes me want to go and get one for myself. It is such a spring color that I have been wearing it for some time now. I would describe Cherry as a pink jelly that tends to look more coral at times. Here I am wearing 3 coats and you still see the visible nail line. It was really easy for me to put on, it dries very quickly and wears really well like 4+ days.
I suspect that this is similar to some of the sorbet finishes form OPI Texas collection, but I have no way to check my hunch, as it still hasn't arrived in my country.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

I got this specifically for Christmas last year. And in fact this was my first green polish ever. Ok, I had some Revlon when I was about 13, but that was years ago and it was more silver than green. So this is definitely my first bright and dark and shiny green. Somehow I had an idea that green polish was not for me, that it was not appropriate for work\university, in short - not for me. Obviously, I was apprehensive to get one. When I saw that Orly had a pretty green in a mini version, I finally got it.
My Meet me under the mistletoe is a dark green jelly polish with duochrome green and gold tiny flakes. This is the best I can do to describe it. Two coats is plenty to make it opaque and very shiny. It also wears much better that the red I got at the same time, I wear it easily for three days.
There is one thing I really like about this polish - it doesn't look too green. I know it's a weird thing to say about a green polish, but whenever I wear it, you can actually see the gold tiny flakes much more. So it feels more safe and less green :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

OPI Conquistadorable Color

This is a very interesting color from the Espana collection. It's not exactly pink, but not exactly red either. It's sort of in between and both at the same time. It's a nice creme polish, goes on really easily and dries quickly; here I'm wearing two coats. I usually wear it when I don't want red, but still want something bright.
I like that this polish changes color\looks really different in different light, but it's really difficult to capture it correctly. In sunlight and artificial light it seems very red, like bright cherry red. In natural light it looks the closest to reality.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Orly Shine

I seem to go through three distinct stages for when I wear and buy nail polish. My polishes are also organized in the same way - nudes and light pinks; reds and more vibrant pinks; and all the rest, the weird colors, such as greens and blues etc.
Orly Shine belongs to the last group, I wonder what I was thinking when buying this. I got it some time ago when I wanted to try the ruffian manicure. Haven't really worn it since.
Shine does go on really rather well, it's a bright silver foil. I like that there is no visible brush strokes, and you can probably wear it in one thick coat, here I'm wearing two thin coats. I don't like it for a full manicure, for my taste it is just too much, however I would use it as an accent.

Procrastination at its best

Whenever I'm bored or can't sleep, this is what I do. I used Barry nail paints in Berry Ice Cream and Pure Turquoise.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede

Mmm! I'm really happy right now. I've wanted this polish for what seems forever. And as it often happens, this was precisely the polish I couldn't find anywhere. Until very recently, when I spotted on ebay, being sold literally in the country next to mine, for a reasonable price and shipping. Yes!
So here it is, Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede. A beautiful dark green polish. It dries really quickly, and the application is much better than the blue suede I have. Two coats is plenty to make the polish nice and even. Oh and I managed to wear this polish for three days, which pleasantly surprised me.

Plus of course it looks amazing with a top coat on. What a beautiful shimmer! The polish looks so different when matte and shiny that I have trouble deciding which one I prefer. Both are really stunning.