Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Versace Heat V2060-W

This polish comes from the same time that my other Versace polishes. But this one is a total pain. I have never really had enough patience to do and wear a whole manicure with this polish. Ever.
There's only one thing I like about this polish - it's the butter yellow color with some subtle pink shimmer. Everything else is and has always been a disaster. It applies super streaky and uneven, even though here I'm wearing three coats. It looks lumpy and bumpy, and worst of all it either takes way too long to dry or it does not dry at all.
In recent months this polish has been good for only one thing - water marbling. I wasn't reluctant to use a lot of it, and in this case it looked and dried well. Oh well, at least it can be used for something, and not just lie around for no reason.


  1. It´s so interesting in the sun!

  2. I think that that is exactly what attracted me to this polish in the first place.