Friday, 27 May 2011

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

I have to admit that I really, really dislike this polish! Perhaps it is just because I don’t get this color. Lincoln Park After Dark is a very, very dark plum creme. The application was ok, not perfect – this is two medium thick coats. It took a while for each coat to dry. There are several things that I don’t like about the polish. The color is just not doing anything for me. It’s like a non-color, very non-descript. It’s not dark enough to be black and not light enough to actually see the color. To me there are many other nicer nail polishes that try to be almost black where you can actually distinguish the base color, whether it is red, green or blue. Plus it just drives me mad that on me the tips start to wear off within a day.
Overall, it’s a miss in my books!

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