Thursday, 27 October 2011

China Glaze In Awe Of Amber

Hey everyone! For some reason I am absolutely exhausted today and it is not yet 7 o'clock. I've had way too many lectures today and I there isn't even anything fun to do - my best friend is away visiting her boyfriend, and another friend is slaving away for the benefit of one company abroad. So it is my blog and some movie for me.
Today I am going to show you one of the polishes I got as a present from my parents. In Awe Of Amber is a sort of gold copper colour, it almost looks like a foil but it isn't. Also it looks nothing like most amber (I should know, amber is a local thing here), but I appreciate the effort. I used three coats in the photos, but you can use just two, it will just look more sheer.
This is part of the "We Adorn You" set and there is something slightly funky that I've discovered. It has 8 nail polishes and most say 14ml on the bottle apart from three, including this one. You can see that it says 19ml on the bottle, and all the 19ml polishes looked slightly less full that the rest. Now, I have no clue at all whether China Glaze has ever had polishes with 19 ml in them, they bottles don't look any different to the 14ml ones, so I'm not sure what's up with that.

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  1. That is very odd about the 19 ml bottles. Nice color, though!