Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hema Long Lasting Nail Polish #41

Long time no see! My mind has been far away from nail polish recently. We nearly lost our cat yesterday. We took him for a walk, I turned away for just a second and he was not there. The next half an hour was spent frantically running around the house screaming "Felix!". When panic started to set in, there he was as if saying 'what, I just went exploring a bit'. And he was a slight shade of green - we're having trouble with pine pollen at the moment. Every surface outside and inside is covered with lime green polled dust, even the air is yellow in colour.

As for nail polish I'd like to share Hema #41 from the Long Lasting line of polishes. That being said, I haven't noticed it being particularly long lasting, I wore in for two or three days, just like most of my polishes. I do, however, like the colour. It is grey black with very fine silver white shimmer. I don't have other polishes exactly like this one, other grey/black shimmer tend to look frosty and have visible brushstrokes, this one doesn't. This was two coats.

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