Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hi and China Glaze He's Going In Circles

Hey everyone! I think I'm back for good now. I'm finished with my research project, I only have a few changes to do and to submit it on Tuesday. At least now I can sleep at night, there were a few days when I would wake up feeling as if a dozen hippos were dancing on my head all night. Also we will be moving to the summer house real soon, the cat already feels that something is up, he constantly sits by the door, and gets in to the boxes, as if to say "please don't forget me, peasepleasepleeeease..."

Today I'm going to show you He's Going In Circles, the pale green equivalent of Kaleidoscope Him Out. This is gorgeous! It is much more shiny and holographic in real life, and it only needs two coats. It is one of my most adored polishes in my collection, it just creates such an interesting look, much more interesting than just holographic rainbow.

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