Thursday, 26 December 2013

Favourites of 2013

For me this year has definitely been the year of the minty green. These are just some that I got this year.

Dance Legend Robots vs Humans - strong brown holo that looks like this in one coat

Sephora #75 Blackjack - a wonderfully complex blue-pink-purple shade
Essence Here's My Number

Layla Emerald Divine
Catrice George Blueney
Jessica Chalk White  - White seems like such a boring choice, but this year I have found my ideal white quite by accident. I was prepared for Jessica Chalk White to be just like every other white out there, but it turned out to be rather great - it is very buttery, shiny and is easy to apply, I am wearing just one medium-thick coat here.

Colorama 120 - I like the green-blue color and the formula - smooth in one coat

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Dance Legend Android

I can't quite believe that I've never got round to posting this polish, I've had it for about six months now, and even with my stash of ~500 polishes, I've still managed to use a lot of this polish. It is a favourite of mine and of my mum as well. Android is an amazing green holo with a butter smooth formula; I'm wearing just one coat. There is nothing more I can add, it is just spectacular!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Texture Week - Kinetics Private Jet

This is the last textured polish that I have to share with you. Kinetics Private Jet is a black sand-like polish. It actually looks like leather and when dry feels like plastic on the nails. This is also the polish where you can see the textured particles the most - they are white and sit on top of the polish, making it look grey, not black. This is especially noticeable on the first coat which applies very sheer, but two coats are enough to make it wearable. This is the polish that makes me appreciate the textured trend. I like how it looks and how it feels on my nails.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Texture Week - Kinetics Crying Lamborgini

Kinetics Crying Lamborgini (what's with the stupid name?) is a raspberry jelly with sand particles as well as blue and magenta pink glass flecks mixed in. Again I used just two coats, and the polish dries rater quickly. While it is pretty in its textured form, it is absolutely amazing with the top coat, and it reminds me of Orly Miss Conduct.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Texture Week - Essence Here's My Number

Okay, this, simply put, is one awesome polish.This is probably my favourite sand polish I own. It is very beautiful, both when it is textured and with the top coat. Here's My Number is a charcoal grey polish that has small matte black glitter in it as well as slightly larger holographic glitter that flashes mainly blue, green and red. This was two coats.With the top coat on it looks kind of like OPI Midnight Blue Glitter on steroids.


Friday, 20 December 2013

Texture Week - Kinetics Jackpot

Continuing on with the textured sand polishes I have, today I have Jackpot from Kinetics. It is pretty much exactly the same as Bali Escape, just a pale pink-beige shade instead of silver. I think that  it is a very work safe shade, it is barely there, not very noticeable and I like it. I quite like these Kinetics 'leather and sand' polishes, because they tend to last 3+ days on me.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Texture Week - Essence Me & My Lover

Well, this is one of the first sand-like polishes I tried (because I didn't want to spend money on OPI and not liking the textured trend at all) and it was quite a horrible miss for me. The polish itself is rather pretty, but after putting it on, it started to dry, which takes a long time on me. Thankfully it only needed two coats. To me this colour combined with texture just doesn't work :(
This polish looks great with a top coat, a kind of pink-red jelly with pink, yellow and gold irregular-shaped glitter.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Texture Week - Kinetics Bali Escape

Hi guys! I've decided to dedicate this week to all the sand textured polishes. Since I'm not such a great fan of these, I think that otherwise I won't get around to wearing them.
The first one I have for you is Bali Escape from Kinetics. They call these texture polishes Sand & Leather.
I was actually pleasantly surprised with this polish - the formula is pretty nice, I used only 2 coats, it dried relatively quickly, and I actually like how it looks. It consists of somewhat sheer silver base with textured particles and larger silver hex glitter that stands out. I'm still not sold on the whole sandy texture though, it feels rather rough to the touch. I like the fact that the texture makes it look both shiny and and not shiny at the same time.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Layla Emerald Divine

Continuing to go through some of my new polishes, today I have got Layla Holographic #10 Emerald Divine to show you. It is a medium forest green holographic shade, the same formula as the other Laylas I have. I used two coats followed again by Nail Polish Sealer. I think it is not as prismatic as some other, like Flash Black, but I'm still really surprised, when I catch a glimpse of my nails in bright light.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Layla Flash Black

Flash Black is one of the polishes that I picked up recently. It is so unassuming in the bottle, but on the nails it looks gorgeous. I used two coats of polish, which I think is the same for all my Layla holographic polishes. On top I used Laylas's Nail Polish Sealer, a top coat kind of product, which is the only one I have ever tried that gives insane shine and doesn't dull the prismatic effect at all. Although it claims to prolong nail polish wear 'until you decide to remove your polish', it prolonged the wear for me on this polish by one day.

Baltic Beauty 2013 Haul

A few weeks ago I took a break from writing my thesis to g9o and see what the local beauty exhibition had to offer this year. I knew in advance that the company I get the majority of my polishes from (at least OPI, Orly, China Glaze, SpaRitual, and now Cuccio Colour) were not going to be there, so it seemed that it might not be worth going.
In the end I ended up getting quite a lot of things. The most surprising was the Jessica Hologram Chic duo.
I will be showing the polishes over the coming weeks, but for now I can say that I love the nail buffer - it leaves my nails super shiny and the white polish by Jessica is easily my favourite white polish now.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cuccio Colour Iron Clad

Cuccio Nail polishes have finally arrived here! This is really exciting, as I've been seeing all these amazing shades they have. I picked up a few polishes last week. One of them is Iron Clad from the Precious Metals collection, which looks and feels a lot like OPI Suede.
It took me a while to choose this shade, because the collection has 7 polishes. I chose the one that wasn't blue (since I have 2 blue-ish OPI Suede shades) and the one I thought I would wear the most.
So Iron Clad it is, a shade I would most likely call purple\aubergine matte shimmer. I like that this polish dries really fast AND it needs only one (!) coat.

 With top coat it looks equally great:

Saturday, 26 October 2013

NOTD China Glaze Recycle

Whenever I get tired of wearing bright or dark polishes on my nails, I usually go for pale and seer jellies, something like OPI Soft Shades. But this time I chose a polish that I always overlook, and was surprised by the result.
For some reason grey polishes I own don't get used often. I guess they just seem very boring. But this time I decided to wear Recycle, and I just loved it! It turned out to be the perfect shade of grey :)
Not too dark, not too pale, just right. And I really liked the formula and texture. I used two coats, and the polish seemed to self-level as well. Now I will definitely use it more often!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color 08 Metallic Green

 Hey guys! Today I would like to share with you a lovely metallic green polish from Estee Lauder. This was given to me as a gift, and it probably one of the most pigmented polishes I have ever tried. I only needed one (!) coat. As a metallic polish it shows the imperfections of the nails, but to my mind much less than other polishes of this type. It dries really, really fast, and is not particularly shiny on the surface. I really like the faded sage green colour, it changes the way it looks depending on the light source, from very pale, almost grey to a more vibrant green.
I also wore this polish with a top coat. I don't think it changes the way it looks that much, it just adds visible shine on the surface of the nails.