Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jessica Showstopper

Hey guys! Sorry for being absent. I've started my first proper job after finishing university, and it involves really long hours, quite the horrid uniform, and no bright nails since I work with customers. Apparently, there are a lot of french manicures in my future :(
On a slightly nicer note, I try to wear bright and dark polishes on my days off. I got Jessica Showstopper last autumn, and it is a very fitting shade for that season - sort of olive green, with silver shimmer that makes it kind of brushstroke-y, which in this case I really like. It is definitely an ugly-pretty shade.
My bottle has a very weird half-shaved brush which makes application difficult,but the formula is fine, you only need two coats, but because of my brush I used three coats.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Catrice Berry Potter & Plumbledore

Catrice #46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore is a plum/purple polish with a striking blue shimmer. I used two coats, and it dries quick-ish. The base colour is slightly lighter that my swatches show is, but it is the shimmer that makes is interesting. And I love the name :)

Monday, 31 March 2014

OPI Pawlish Yuppy Puppy

I recently came across OPI Pawlish polishes at my local beauty shop. I have never seen them before, but they were also 50% off, so three of them came home with me. I like the concept that these are 'Colors for nails for those with tails!', but I wouldn't use it on my cat - he never sits still for long enough, and tends to chew his nails.
The formula seems to be an old OPI, and the polish has the old, thin brush. The polish is supposed to be quick-drying and a one-coat colour.
Yuppy Puppy is a lovely silver foil. Considering that is is an old polish with old formula, I would even go as far as to call this amazing. It pretty much covers in one coat, but I used two very thin ones here. It is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, and does indeed dry quicker than other black label OPIs I have.
 Here's Felix, how can I possibly paint his nails?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Dance Legend Robots vs Humans

I can't believe I've been away from my blog for 2 months. I missed it, and I missed my blogging anniversary :)
In the meantime I wore a lot of holographics whenever there was some sun. Robots vs Humans is probably my favourite - it is an unusual colour, it covers brilliantly in one coat and it is very prismatic. In short, everything I like in a nail polish, this has!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Orly Space Cadet

I have decided to wear more of the polishes in my stash that have been somewhat forgotten. So I took out Orly Space Cadet. In one word it is just amazing. Of course with all its multichrome goodness going on it is impossible to photograph. This was three coats. If I had to find a negative, on me it takes a while to dry.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Jessica Bikini Blue

I love pale blue, green and blue-green polishes of all kinds. I like how they look, so you can bet I'm craving Dior Porcelaine. But for now I'm making do with Jessica Bikini Blue, one of the palest blue polishes I have. Comparison-wise it is quite close to Essence You Belong To Me.
This was three thin coats and top coat.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

OPI Midnight Blue Glitter

I haven't worn this polish in ages, and the last time I showed Midnight Blue Glitter my photos didn't really show how pretty it is. The blue glitter catches the light at different angles making the whole polish light up. This was two coats over silvery-grey polish.

Friday, 10 January 2014

L'Oreal Mysterious Icon

L'Oreal Mysterious Icon (#805) is a bronze brown shade with golden shimmer, but it also has some purple and grey mixed in the base. I don't have anything remotely close to this polish in my stash. The formula is nice too, I used 2 thin coats. The best thing about these L'Oreal polishes is the brush, it is one of the nicest rounded brushes I've encountered.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Catrice Mint Me Up

Mint Me Up came into my stash just the other day and quite by accident, but I'm really happy that it now lives with me :) It is a fantastic and delicate-looking polish, pale green wth golden shimmer and tiny copper flakes. The overall effect is quite lovely! The formula is quite good as well - I used 2 thin coats, but I think you can get away with one thicker coat applied carefully. The base color of this polish is rather similar to OPI Mermaid's Tears, but with the shimmer the effect is quite different.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Kiko 391 + L'Oreal Confettis

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!
Kiko 391 is probably the brightest, grass-green polish I own. I don't have any other shades that are quite like this. Any brighter and we are entering neon territory. On its own Kiko 391 is a lovely creme polish, I used two thin coats, just a bit too bright for me. So I used L'Oreal Confettis on top. Confettis are actually quite lovely! It is packed with small and large black and white hex glitter as well as some faint shimmer that is hardly noticeable. Together these polishes make for a gorgeous combination!