Many different brands are impossible to find here, or companies\ shops don't ship here. No wonder my wish list grows faster than I can find the lemmings. Plus the brands that are carried here arrive really late.

I know that my list is just too long, but hey, a girl can dream!
AA Nebula
AA McArthur Park
AA Supernova
Amour Rain Glitter
Butter London Wallis

China Glaze 
Emerald Sparkle (!)
Glittering Garland

Color Club 
Revvvolution (!)
Wild At Heart (!)

Essie Ruby Slippers
Jessica Casablanca
Jessica Windsor Castle
Mavala Agena

Absolutely Alice
DS Chiffon
DS Classic
DS Coronation
DS Couture
DS Design
DS Desire
DS Divine
DS Exclusive
DS Passion
DS Reflection
DS Shimmer
DS Signature
DS Vintage
Live And Let Die
Mad As A Hatter
Midnight In Moscow
Visions OF Sugarplum
What's Dune

Orly Rock Solid

Rococo Andromedia
Tony Moly Neptune
Tony Moly Jupiter
Uslu Airlines LAS "Eau de Colette"