Wednesday, 22 May 2013

OPI Moon Over Mumbai

I've spent a considerable time last week in bed with a cold. Just my luck to get sick with summer just around the corner.
I have a few very exciting recent additions to my stash (Dance Legend Holos et.), but because it has been raining for weeks now, I will wait for the sun to show them off. For now I would like to show you an older OPI polish. Moon Over Mumbai is from Spring 2008. It is a pretty shimmery white-grey, it sort of reminds me of pearls. The visible nail line with this polish drove me insane, so I used 3-4 coats. But I think you can use fewer coats as well.


  1. Gorgeous swatch, lovely colour and application <3

  2. I have just acquired Mon Over Mumbai (yes, I'm that lucky!) and am in love with it. I have nothing against visible nail lines, though - I quite like them, so two coats are enough. Simply gorgeous shade!