Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hema Long Lasting Nail Polish #41

Long time no see! My mind has been far away from nail polish recently. We nearly lost our cat yesterday. We took him for a walk, I turned away for just a second and he was not there. The next half an hour was spent frantically running around the house screaming "Felix!". When panic started to set in, there he was as if saying 'what, I just went exploring a bit'. And he was a slight shade of green - we're having trouble with pine pollen at the moment. Every surface outside and inside is covered with lime green polled dust, even the air is yellow in colour.

As for nail polish I'd like to share Hema #41 from the Long Lasting line of polishes. That being said, I haven't noticed it being particularly long lasting, I wore in for two or three days, just like most of my polishes. I do, however, like the colour. It is grey black with very fine silver white shimmer. I don't have other polishes exactly like this one, other grey/black shimmer tend to look frosty and have visible brushstrokes, this one doesn't. This was two coats.

Monday, 21 May 2012

China Glaze Let's Groove

After a week full of hard outdoor work, I had a realisation. Well, a few actually. Gardening is a shockingly labour-intensive pastime. Today I planted the last portion of the herbs and vegetables. Some have grown and we are eating already. Honestly, I have no idea how many more ways one can cook\eat spring onions etc.

Since I’m doing a lot of things outdoors, I change my polish pretty much every day. Right now I’m wearing China Glaze Let’s Groove. It is dark, purple and beautiful. This was three thin coats. I like how rich this colour looks, you can see so many different shimmers in it, pink and red and blue, it’s great!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

NOTD: Essence Into The Dark

I have submitted my thesis on Tuesday. It feels so good!!!!! Now I have at least a week to procrastinate as well as meet all my friends I haven’t seen in ages, before I have to think of defending my work. Also, we’ve moved to a summer house, and it’s freezing. The only one who is truly happy is the cat, an opportunity to explore all the nooks and crannies, watching the birds, he’s loving it. And I’m enjoying sitting very close to the fire place trying to keep warm. I am awaiting the day when it is warm and not raining outside.

The nail polish I’m wearing today is Essence 02 Into The Dark, I’ve had it for a while and haven’t worn it before. It is really pretty, dark blue with silvery white shimmer/glitter. This was two coats.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hi and China Glaze He's Going In Circles

Hey everyone! I think I'm back for good now. I'm finished with my research project, I only have a few changes to do and to submit it on Tuesday. At least now I can sleep at night, there were a few days when I would wake up feeling as if a dozen hippos were dancing on my head all night. Also we will be moving to the summer house real soon, the cat already feels that something is up, he constantly sits by the door, and gets in to the boxes, as if to say "please don't forget me, peasepleasepleeeease..."

Today I'm going to show you He's Going In Circles, the pale green equivalent of Kaleidoscope Him Out. This is gorgeous! It is much more shiny and holographic in real life, and it only needs two coats. It is one of my most adored polishes in my collection, it just creates such an interesting look, much more interesting than just holographic rainbow.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

OPI DS Jewel

I feel a little guilty about not liking this polish more. My dad got it as a surprise saying that he knew I like the ones with silver caps in boxes, referring to old DS polishes. On me DS Jewel looks a little bit like a 'mom color', though this reddish brown colour is very pretty. Ironically, my mum really likes this polish. This was two coats.

At the moment my life is just a bit crazy, I have literally just a few days to finish my research paper. Every day I go to bed with bloodshot eyes from staring at the computer all day, and then my brain keeps me awake, listing all the things that need doing.