Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Americal Apparel Light Year

I am a sucker for glitters, they can be really fun to use. I don't have anything quite like Light Year, as every time a nail polish has large holographic glitter, it seems to be mixed with other types of glitter. This one looks a bit like fish scales. here I'm wearing one coat over AA Angeline.
I probably wouldn't wear it over all my nails - it seems a bit too much, but as an accent I like it.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Barefoot Rainbow

Sometimes when I wear dark or bright polishes for a long time I get really tired of them. That's when I reach for the most boring and neutral colours in my stash. That happened to me the other week, and I randomly chose a polish which was OPI Barefoot in Barcelona. I had totally forgotten that with my skin tone it looks absolutely hideous until it was on my nails. Of course I was too lazy to take it off and start again. I could try to rectify the situation with either glitter of a crackle polish. I chose glitter in the for of OPI Rainbow Connection.

Also my cat is a horrible poser. He always wants to be in the centre of attention :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Holographic Wheels

I was recently asked to show all my holographic polishes, so here they are. I managed to photograph the wheels in the sun, but not the bottles. When it comes to holographic polishes I really don’t care about the brand, even the most ordinary companies can make beautiful holographic beauties. I used two coats of each polish and of course all of them are more holographic in real life.

First wheel

  1. Make Up Store Greta (probably the most holographic polish I own, but such a pain to use)
  2. China Glaze OMG
  3. Golden Rose 112
  4. Golden Rose 108
  5. Sincero H7
  6. OPI DS Sapphire
  7. China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out
  8. China Glaze DV8
  9. OPI DS Glamour
  10. OPI DS Fantasy
  11. OPI DS Extravagance
  12. OPI DS Original
  13. OPI DS Amethyst
  14. China Glaze He’s Going In Circles
  15. Golden Rose 115
  16. China Glaze L8R G8R
  17. China Glaze GR8
  18. China Glaze FYI


Second wheel has polishes that have holographic glitter in it or weak holo effect that only is visible in bright direct sunlight.

  1. Franken top coat
  2. American Apparel Light Year
  3. OPI Golden Rainbow
  4. Depend #58
  5. Sincero H21
  6. OPI DS Passion (very weak holo only visible in sunlight)
  7. OPI Teenage Dream
  8. China Glaze Medallion
  9. China Glaze Mahogani


I probably have other polishes with holographic glitter in it, but the amount is negligible, plus a couple of ugly frankens.

Essence True Love

This is what I am currently wearing. Essence 03 True Love from the Vampire's Love trend edition. I always find it difficult in describing these sort of colours. It has a little bit of purple and a little bit pink in it, and looks like berries. This polish needed just two coats, dries quickly and lasts a good while on me.

I happen to live close to a Russian Orthodox church and they are celebrating Easter today. Now, my family is not religious at all, but in a weird way we do celebrate Easter - we paint eggs together. Me and my parents have been painting eggs together ever since I can remember and it is always a special occasion\bonding time. We sit for hours around the table and churn out pretty eggs. Surprisingly this year they didn't all look green (my favourite colour), like they do every single year. Oh and of course the cat helped as well, he was right in the centre of all the action. I think Felix secretly wants to be an Easter Bunny.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Color Club Catwalk Queen

Catwalk Queen is the only Color Club I have ever tried and is the only one in my possession. Shocking, I know. I suppose the reason I don't have more Color Clubs is because they are not as readily available here as other brands, so I manage to amass them in large quantities, while also slowly compiling a Color Club wish list.
Since I have nothing to compare it to, it is difficult to judge about the formula. I used three thin coats here. The polish itself is fine, but I love the colour! Another thing that I like is how substantial the bottle feels in my hand.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Great day and OPI Warm & Fozzie

My mum is a really outdoorsy person. She likes any sort of hiking and generally being outside. So it is no surprise that she likes gardening and in the summer we have an amazing garden. I on the other hand am not a fan, I don't like getting dirty, oh and don't get me started on the bugs and creepy crawlies.
I spent all day today outdoors. I woke up with a clear idea that I wanted to go and garden, prune trees and so on, my parents thought I was crazy. I helped my dad make raised beds for herbs that we plant every year. Now I know how to straighten crooked nails with a hammer :) He also had a lot of fun about the way I hold a hammer, which apparently is wrong.

This polish is beautiful, a kind of copper colour with a hint of pink and many other colours. I would say that it is a clear-based polish with lots of tiny metallic irregularly-shaped shimmer. It gave me a little trouble in terms of application, it was difficult to get enough polish right at the tips of my nails, so I ended up using 3 coats.

This polish changes color so much depending on the lighting!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Barry M #292 Navy

This is quickly becoming my favourite blue polish ever. It is just dark enough for my taste, and has just the right amount of shimmer. The application was really easy too, two thin coats here. As much as I like Navy on its own, it is also great to layer stuff over it.

Monday, 2 April 2012

American Apparel Angeline

The second half of my week sucked. I'm trying to overcome yet another hurdle on the way to getting my degree, but the bureaucracy is just killing me.
So the cheer myself up I'm wearing Angeline a bright pink creme polish. While I'm sure you can find a dozen other colours like this, I like the formula on this one. Here I am wearing just one coat of polish, and no top coat. Awesome!