Thursday, 30 August 2012

China Glaze Urban Night

I got this polish solely because of its name. There is a personal joke between my friends involving the word 'Urban'. The fact that it is purple is just an added bonus.
It came out last autumn and it is okay. I think that the formula is a bit annoying. I have other polishes like this - you use two coats and indoors it looks perfect, and then you wank into the bright sunlight and suddenly there are these bald, uneven patches that appear out of nowhere. In the end I used 3 coats for these pictures.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

China Glaze It's Alive!

The pumpkin I planted is getting bigger every day, and it makes me think of Halloween. It's Alive from last year's Halloween collection is an awesome bog green glitter fest. It is surprisingly difficult to capture, there are so many things my camera wanted to focus on. This was three thin coats. I like that there is both tiny glitter and big hex glitter mixed into the base.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

China Glaze High Hopes

This is one of those annoying colours that is impossible to describe. At certain times in looks pink, orange, coral and even sometimes almost neon. It's a lovely colour, don't get me wrong but on its own I don't love it, so whenever I reach for it I pair it up with some glitter, or better yet - flakies. This was two coats.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Orly Rococo A-Go-Go

When I went through my stash not long ago, it turned out that about 90 per cent of my polishes that fall into the 'purple' category are actually dark, jewel tones.
Rococo a-go-go is one of them. It the bottle it looks close to Space Cadet, my mum even asked me why I have two of the same polishes. After twirling them around she conceded that they're not.
I used two coats, and it is perfect. It's deep and shiny, shimmery, and since it has all these tiny flakies in the polish, they change colour depending on the angle of the nails to the light source, thought not as much as in the bottle.

Whenever our cat is not spending time outside, he's sleeping or begging to go outside. And whenever he's outside, no insect is safe. It is the open season on crickets, dragonflies, butterflies and so on. Thankfully he doesn't eat them, just plays with them.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Essence Fruity #4 One Kiwi A Day

I've given up a long time ago trying to understand how and when Essence trend editions appear around where I live. We certainly don't get all of them, more like every fifth if we're lucky. Plus they appear in the a chain of stores, and different shops might have different trend editions at the same time. It really is a mess.
So I try to just appreciate the nail polishes when see something I like. One Kiwi A Day is just such a polish. It is either a very yellow-leaning green, or vice versa, depending on the light source. The base has a subtle shimmer to it and bright green glitter in it which does make it look kiwi-like. I used 2 medium-thick coats.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

NOTD Orly Androgynie

I have a sort of hit and miss relationship with Orly polishes. They are either amazing, with gorgeous colours, last long and are easy in application, or they barely last a day and are difficult to work with.
So whenever I see an Orly polish that is really gorgeous I really hope that it will be good. And only if it is really truly beautiful will I get it.

With Androgynie I went backwards and forwards whether I like it enough to get it. EventuallyI obviously succumbed :)
At first I was kind of disappointed that all the big hex glitter stuck to the bottle sides and very few made it to the nails. But after wearing it a couple of times I can say that I love how it looks. It is black, but there is enought of golden glitter in to to make it seem brown next to something truly black. Also whenever I use this polish, I shake it quite violently and then put it upside down for about 5-10 minutes. This way I get a sufficient amount of large glitter that I like on the nails. I usually use 2 coats like here, or layer one coat over black.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Flormar Neons

Neons are everywhere this summer. Yet, somehow I cannot get fully on board with this tren. So I'm really happy that I had an opportunity to try a couple of neons, to see what I thought and whether I liked them.
Well, these are two neons from a Turkish company, they are marked #14, the green one and #12, the red/pink one.
These had a fantastic formula, I used two coats for the green one and just one coat for the red one. They dried really quickly and were very shiny.
To be honest, I'm not sold on the green polish. It is a bright highlighter-green in colour. It is certainly a fun colour, but I don't particulary like how it looks with my skin tone.

I prefer this colour to the green one, much more so. It is gorgeous, you can see red, pink, coral and even a hint of orange in it in different light. I'm not sure I would call it neon, though it is very bright. The fact that this intensity is achieved with just one coat doesn't hurt either :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

OPI Holiday Glow

This is possibly the least summer appripriate polish there is. To me is screams autumn, fallen leaves, maybe even winter holidays. But just as I like to listen to Christmas and holiday tunes in the middle of summer, this is what I'm wearing on one of the hottest days. It is difficult to describe how much I like this polish. It is brown with two different glitters. It is awesome. Two coats here.