Saturday, 30 March 2013

Catrice Sold Out Forever

Hey Everyone! I'm going to show you some really, really old swatches that for some reason I've never posted. These must be from summer 2011, and look at those nails!!! I have no idea how I could go around with nails that long.
Sold Out Forever #240 is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel Jade. I don't know about that, but is certainly looks close. The formula is okay, if you're careful you can get away with 2 coats, or use three thin coats. I also needed top coat to make it look more even.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Essie No Boundaries

Nothing lifts my spirits quite like bright pink polish. Essie No Boundaries is a good example of bright pink. It is a very pleasing colour, and I also like the formula - here I'm wearing just two coats. I find that it is a lovely base for nail art or glitter, since on its own it might be a bit boring, or not be everybody's cup of tea.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

OPI Vampsterdam

Oh, how I miss dark polish shades. I have a couple with me, but lately have little time to use them. I think that dark colours require neat application, so for the last week I've been walking around with just clear nail polish on. Shocking!
My bottle of this polish lost its label somewhere, but I'm sure that it is Vampsterdam. I thought that I wouldn't particularly like the finish, since it might seem prone to brushstrokes, but it is actually not that bad. The colour itself is a saturated dark plum, so I only used two coats, and it dried really quickly. I like the fact that it is dark enough, but not so dark that you can't telll which colour it is.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

China Glaze Elephant Walk

I have no idea why I bought this polish, it was one of those I-should-get-something-from-this-collection moment. Not to say that the colour is not nice, it is, it just doesn't get me all that excited. My bottle is always separating into weird greenish yellow sludge-like mess. Anyway, it is grey with a hint of green, and it has a lovely silver-white shimmer. This was two coats.

Dreaming of summer...

The weather here is just wishy-washy, and seems to be arbitrarily decided every day on a different season. At least back home it is steadily cold, and snowy. It makes me want for it to be summer even more. And I have inspiration from last year - cats, homegrown strawberries, heart-shaped potatoes, visit to the zoo...

Monday, 18 March 2013

Catrice George Blueney

Catrice nail polishes appeared in the shops some time around the New Year. Needless to say that I got a few. And by a few I probably mean around 10. I chose all the pretty and shimmery shades. George Blueney #915 was one of them.
It is gorgeous, truly stunning! Deep, shimmery blue. This was two coats. The only thing I'm not completely crazy about is the brush this polish has. It is rounded at the edges and is too soft for my liking, it makes more difficult to paint close to the cuticle for me, so I prefer the old Catrice brushes.
Also, on Saturday we went to Reims. I liked the city, it is so much better than Troyes where I'm currently stuck. The city itself is nice, but they have the most spectacular cathedral. The attention to details is just sick!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

China Glaze In The Lime Light

This is an older neon polish from China Glaze. In The Lime Light is a highlighter green shade. It also has some silver-white shimmer, and it dries to a satin finish, so I always wear it with a top coat. Mine is an older bottle, so it takes a while to dry, but I only used 2 coats. I'm normally not a fan of neon shades, especially the green ones, but I like this one for the shimmer.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jessica Born 2 Pansy

France is driving me slightly crazy :) It seems that I live in a neighborhood full of exhibitionists and voyeurs. People seem to prefer to have large windows and no curtains. But the absolute worst thing for me is the fact that the walls here are paper thin. I can hear everything that is happening in the neighbors' flats.

This is a very, very stunning polish. It is all in the shimmer, it changes colour from pink and purple to green and blue. The polish is from last spring and itself is on the sheer side, so I used three coats here. I love how feminine this polish looks.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gosh Holographic Hero

Holographic Hero is a nice enough polish in theory. A silver holographic, with a nice rainbow effect. I was so excited to find it in a shop that I got two bottles. Turns out that I will probably use up both bottles, since this polish doesn't have a lot of staying power. The bottle says one night wear for holographic lovers, but the wear is just a few hours. This was two coats.
The wear truly sucked. I put the polish late at night, and by morning this was the result - lots of tip war and some random scratches.

Friday, 1 March 2013

OPI Pink Friday

I never get tired of pink nail polish. Different shades make it perfectly appropriate for any occasion. It is no surprise, therefore, that I like Pink Friday from OPI.
Pink Friday is great, a very fresh colour and a lovely formula. It is very easy to apply, it dried really quickly on me, it was 2 coats.
You would think that in a stash of my size and for a person that likes pink, there would be a dupe or few among my pinks. But actually that is not the case. I don't have a complete copy of this shade. The closest think I found is OPI I Think In Pink which is a jelly. In the bottle the colours are identical (a bit like OPI Miami Beet and Houston We Have a Purple, are the same shade, but are a creme and jelly). For comparison both polishes are 2 coats.