Sunday, 29 July 2012

Barry M Denim

Thank to my friend Sophia, I have a regular and steady supply of Barry M polishes. Today I have Denim to show you. It is a very interesting polish, it dries to a sort of satin finish, and of course looks gorgeous with a top coat on. It is a gorgeous blue, and I am wearing only one coat. I don't think it gets better than that.

And here it is with a top coat on. In person the difference is more noticeable, I think.

Of all the polishes I have, the closest in look and feel is the OPI Russian Navy Suede, although Barry M Denim is less matte without the top coat. Colour-wise Barry M is brighter and more blue, while OPI looks slightly darker and leans more purple.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

beautyuk posh polish #6 elfstone

Hey guys, long time, no see! I've been absent for a little bit and there's a really good reason why. I started an internship with one big company, and the past week and a half I only had enough energy after work to get home, eat and crawl into bed to do it all over again. I don't know if I like it yet, but I've had a really cool experience during the get to know the company seminar. Since I work with the computer all day long, the polish doesn't last very well. I've never encountered so much tip wear.
Today for polish I'm wearing BeautyUK posh polish in the shade #6 Elfstone, it is a pale green foil. I certainly don't own any polish like this and I like how this one looks a lot. The formula is nice, I used only two coats, and in many cases only one coat was needed.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Stash, July 2012

The last time I showed my stash was here at the end of last summer. Since then I have of course acquired a few new polishes, and by a few I should probably say a hundred.

After I graduated last month I got myself a few OPI polishes I've been eying for while, plus they were 20% off. I was actually looking for At Your Quebec and Call which I've seen before in abundance, but on that particular day had to spend ages going through all the shelves to find and along the way found these.
L-R: Significant Other Color, Holiday Glow, Japanese Rose Garden, "Sheer" Your Toys, Sonic Boom, Greece Just Blue Me Away, and At Your Quebec and Call. The last three are black labels.

In terms of storage, at the moment my nail polishes live in one huge drawer where they all [barely] fit. I separate them by brand and not by colour, since I like how it looks more that way. Normally all of them fit into three smaller drawers and all the base coats, nail files etc. are in a separate box.

In terms of brands, OPI dominates. I think I counted 74 polishes plus I have a few double bottles.

China Glaze polishes have increased since last time, a lot! This is my second most numerous brand I think.

I still have few Orly polishes. I don't really know why there aren't more, but when shopping for polishes they are not my first choice. After a lot of deliberation I did purchase Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl when I started liking duochrome polishes more.

Essence and Catrice are next. I like their polishes, they are inexpensive with fun colours. While Essence started appearing in shops here, they are still few and far between, plus we don't get all collections, just some random ones. Catrice are the ones I brought from holiday last year.

Random square bottles. I still only have just one Zoya polish. And I still love Barry M polishes.

Some other random polishes that I have only a few of different brands. Top right corner is a Salvador Dali polish that used to be my mum's. I found it recently and used a ton of thinner on it.