Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bourjois 10 Day Nail Polish #16

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well. I got my diploma at last, yeah! I hoped that this would be the last bit of studying for a while, but the business school I attended keeps tempting me with offers along the lines of your good grades = 50% off and the like, so I'm seriously considering studying for a masters degree.

I'm ashamed that I've had these swatches since the end of last summer and never got round to posting them. This is Bourjois 10 Day nail polish #16, a coral shade with pleasant golden shimmer in it. I got to try it thanks to a friend.

This polish is supposed to last for 10 days and then you can use the brush to touch up the manicure for a further 3 day wear. I shall explore how well that goes at the end of the post.

This range of polishes has the most ridiculous brushes, they are wonky by design. Well, they are slanted. I remember reading that Sally Hansen (?) had this sort of brush for the white polish in a french manicure set. It might work there, but it is so uncomfortable for normal application, astonishingly bad. Why would anyone think that it is a good idea I have no idea.

The polish itself is not that bad, used two fairly thick coats. It dries reasonably fast. The most pleasing aspect of this polish is the colour, a truly coral shade. It also has a slight golden shimmer, which is much more noticeable in the bottle.

I really hate it when make up companies shamelessly promise unrealistic things. The over ten day wear claim for me is just that. While I'm really not bothered by wear time (any polish should last at least 2day without chipping), I decided to see how long this one would last to the point I would not wear it in public.
The verdict - the photo below is after 2 and a half days, and I left it on for longer that I would deem appropriate in chips/tip wear, and this is my left hand. So now apparently I should be able to prolong this experience by putting a little bit of polish on the tips and chips. That would look super! [Sorry for the sarcasm, couldn't help myself].
So overall, I only like the colour which is not that unique, the brush is ridiculous, and you get nowhere near the 10+ days of wear. Oh did I mention that around here Bourjois retails for more that OPI/Orly/China Glaze/SpaRitual? No, no, no, no way.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

June 23 - tripple threat :)

Today, June 23rd, happens to be a local holiday, a sort of celebration of summer solstice, folklore, beer fest, garden party and a barbecue all rolled into one, a time to spend a good time outdoors. In my family it is not that well celebrated, it is more of an afterthought, since there are other reasons to be cheerful on this day.
Today also happens to be my cat's birthday, Felix turns tree years old. As I am the only child pets for me have always been like younger siblings. In three years Felix has grown from this -

- to this -

with a lot of trouble in between.

If that wasn't enough, it just so happens that my parents got married on the 23rd of June as well, and this year they are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Today I witnessed something rather peculiar, I went to the beach but there wasn't anything there. There was the most amazing fog, nothing was visible just ghostly figures darting in and out of the whiteness.
For polish I'm going pink all the way today. Lucky Lucky Lavender is a brighter, more pink version of Panda-monium Pink from the same collection. The formula is quite nice I used two coats. This polish also changes between looking more pink or more lilac in different lights, or depending on what I wear with it.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

OPI DS Passion

Hey everyone! It's been rather miserable here, so cold and raining all the time. Seriously, what kind of summer is it when it just about +10 degrees? So I've been cooped out in the house for days on end. I got hooked on watching Edwardian Farm. I love these ancient-feeling shows, I was definitely born in the wrong era.
Anyway in some awesome news I defended my bachelor's degree, I'm graduating next week! As for nail polish I would like to show you OPI DS Passion. This one was also a gift from my dad. The colour is so-so in my opinion. When I wasn't that much into nail polish this would have been awesome, but now that I have seen how awesome holo polishes can be (like DS Glamour and the like), this one pales in comparison. DS Passion is a very neutral pink with very weak scattered holographic effect which is only noticeable in the sun and it also has a green-ish yellow sheen to it. It is a very work safe polish, and holo particles add just enough interest for it not to be a total snooze fest. This was two coats.