Sunday, 5 February 2012

Barry M 319 Silver Foil

It's been really cold around here lately. Waking up to minus 21 every day is no fun at all. It got to the point that the cat has been sleeping on by bed or even under my blanket every night. My parents both grew up in really cold climates (think Siberia) where temperatures in excess of -30C are common. But because there is little humidity the it doesn't feel that cold. Here by the sea it feels really cold all the time and is you add wind to the mixture, I become an icicle in minutes.

Last week my blog turned one. Somehow I totally forgot about that until a few days ago. I'll have a small giveaway soon to celebrate that fact, I promise!

Today I am wearing a great nail polish Barry M Instant Nail Effects #319 Silver Foil.I don't have a single other polish that gives such a look. It's like liquid metal. The best part is that it only needs 1 coat. That's right I am wearing just one coat of nail polish! You can see some brush strokes, but that has more to do with a layer of top coat that I put on than Barry M's polish itself. I love this and thank you Sophia for bringing it to me from London.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, and I thought -7 was cold!
    Silver Foil looks and sounds amazing, I'd like to try it and see if it's as nice as my fave silver China Glaze 2030, which is harder to find for me.