Monday, 5 March 2012

Anny Camouflage

I've been looking at Anny polishes for a while now. They are a German brand that is carried by one shop around where I live. And while I've heard a lot of good things about the quality of their polishes, two things were always stopping me - price and colours. The are priced at around 16$ here, which is quite a lot, approaching the OPI Designer Series. As for the range of colours, perhaps it is just the local selection, but at least 60-70% are pinks, reds and pastel beige shades. Also the majority of polishes are cremes, others have some very subtle shimmer. So nothing outstanding.

When the shop was having 20% off on all polishes, I decided to finally get an Anny. I decided to go for an interesting colour, I don't have anything similar in my stash. #371 Camouflage is a pale, dusty sage green, and it looks quite similar to OPI Stranger Tides.
The formula of this polish is superb, it needed only two coats, and the polish feels rich and creamy. It is also very shiny, here I'm not wearing any top coat. It wears extremely well, I've been wearing it for three days now, and it still hasn't chipped or lost its shine.


  1. Your nails are just ... perfection. <3

  2. Very nice! This sort of color is quite appealing to me.