Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cuccio Colour Iron Clad

Cuccio Nail polishes have finally arrived here! This is really exciting, as I've been seeing all these amazing shades they have. I picked up a few polishes last week. One of them is Iron Clad from the Precious Metals collection, which looks and feels a lot like OPI Suede.
It took me a while to choose this shade, because the collection has 7 polishes. I chose the one that wasn't blue (since I have 2 blue-ish OPI Suede shades) and the one I thought I would wear the most.
So Iron Clad it is, a shade I would most likely call purple\aubergine matte shimmer. I like that this polish dries really fast AND it needs only one (!) coat.

 With top coat it looks equally great:

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