Thursday, 26 December 2013

Favourites of 2013

For me this year has definitely been the year of the minty green. These are just some that I got this year.

Dance Legend Robots vs Humans - strong brown holo that looks like this in one coat

Sephora #75 Blackjack - a wonderfully complex blue-pink-purple shade
Essence Here's My Number

Layla Emerald Divine
Catrice George Blueney
Jessica Chalk White  - White seems like such a boring choice, but this year I have found my ideal white quite by accident. I was prepared for Jessica Chalk White to be just like every other white out there, but it turned out to be rather great - it is very buttery, shiny and is easy to apply, I am wearing just one medium-thick coat here.

Colorama 120 - I like the green-blue color and the formula - smooth in one coat

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