Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Texture Week - Kinetics Bali Escape

Hi guys! I've decided to dedicate this week to all the sand textured polishes. Since I'm not such a great fan of these, I think that otherwise I won't get around to wearing them.
The first one I have for you is Bali Escape from Kinetics. They call these texture polishes Sand & Leather.
I was actually pleasantly surprised with this polish - the formula is pretty nice, I used only 2 coats, it dried relatively quickly, and I actually like how it looks. It consists of somewhat sheer silver base with textured particles and larger silver hex glitter that stands out. I'm still not sold on the whole sandy texture though, it feels rather rough to the touch. I like the fact that the texture makes it look both shiny and and not shiny at the same time.

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