Friday, 6 April 2012

Great day and OPI Warm & Fozzie

My mum is a really outdoorsy person. She likes any sort of hiking and generally being outside. So it is no surprise that she likes gardening and in the summer we have an amazing garden. I on the other hand am not a fan, I don't like getting dirty, oh and don't get me started on the bugs and creepy crawlies.
I spent all day today outdoors. I woke up with a clear idea that I wanted to go and garden, prune trees and so on, my parents thought I was crazy. I helped my dad make raised beds for herbs that we plant every year. Now I know how to straighten crooked nails with a hammer :) He also had a lot of fun about the way I hold a hammer, which apparently is wrong.

This polish is beautiful, a kind of copper colour with a hint of pink and many other colours. I would say that it is a clear-based polish with lots of tiny metallic irregularly-shaped shimmer. It gave me a little trouble in terms of application, it was difficult to get enough polish right at the tips of my nails, so I ended up using 3 coats.

This polish changes color so much depending on the lighting!


  1. Awwww this is lovely on you. I wish I had picked it up.

  2. Very pretty! Seems your dad has only himself to blame if you're holding the hammer wrong--he should have taught you the right way long ago. :)

    1. He has, but I insist on doing it wrong, which I find more comfortable :)