Sunday, 15 April 2012

Essence True Love

This is what I am currently wearing. Essence 03 True Love from the Vampire's Love trend edition. I always find it difficult in describing these sort of colours. It has a little bit of purple and a little bit pink in it, and looks like berries. This polish needed just two coats, dries quickly and lasts a good while on me.

I happen to live close to a Russian Orthodox church and they are celebrating Easter today. Now, my family is not religious at all, but in a weird way we do celebrate Easter - we paint eggs together. Me and my parents have been painting eggs together ever since I can remember and it is always a special occasion\bonding time. We sit for hours around the table and churn out pretty eggs. Surprisingly this year they didn't all look green (my favourite colour), like they do every single year. Oh and of course the cat helped as well, he was right in the centre of all the action. I think Felix secretly wants to be an Easter Bunny.