Saturday, 23 June 2012

June 23 - tripple threat :)

Today, June 23rd, happens to be a local holiday, a sort of celebration of summer solstice, folklore, beer fest, garden party and a barbecue all rolled into one, a time to spend a good time outdoors. In my family it is not that well celebrated, it is more of an afterthought, since there are other reasons to be cheerful on this day.
Today also happens to be my cat's birthday, Felix turns tree years old. As I am the only child pets for me have always been like younger siblings. In three years Felix has grown from this -

- to this -

with a lot of trouble in between.

If that wasn't enough, it just so happens that my parents got married on the 23rd of June as well, and this year they are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

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