Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Stash

Surprisingly I've never put all my polishes in one place and take a picture. It was actually an eye-opener for me. Who would have thought that my polishes divide fairly equally into pinks, nudes, dark colours and glitters. I know that I'm missing some 10 polishes that my friends have, some OPI, China Glaze and SpaRitual glitter and holographic ones.
It's not a surprise to me that OPI represents a big part of my stash. For the most part I really like their formula, I like the ProWide brush and most of the polishes last at least 3 days on my nails.

My China Glaze stash grew to it's current size in just a few months. Before that I was really reluctant to get them due to a bad first experience. But them I got OMG and DV8 holos in a sale and never looked back. I only have 2 full sized Orly polishes, crazy I know. But I never totally fell in love with them. But I do love their mini polishes a lot! It's like a quick colour fix.

Here is a box of different brands, polishes that I only have a few of each, and bottles I only got because of the colour.

Here is Essence and Catrice polishes that I got on my holiday in Amsterdam. I wish these brands were represented where I live! They are cheap and for the most part have a nice quality and cute colours. Also I do like both of their brushes.
Here are Misa, Barry M, American Apparel etc. I love the formula on these two AA polishes, you have to love a one coat polish. My only Zoya is here too. I mentioned before that buying Zoya polishes here is just prohibitively expensive, even if they have very pretty colours.

Here are my boxed goods :) I store them separately from other polishes because the boxes don't fit in the drawers where I have the rest of my stash. It's horrible, but I occasionally forget that I have these at all.

I do have another two boxes that didn't make it here. One is with all the base and top coats, cuticle stuff etc. And the second is a box with all the frankens and polishes I tried water marbling with, nothing interesting, Coloramas and such.


  1. Awwww!!!!!!!! AMAZING collection!!! :D :D

  2. I love looking at stashes! I'm looking into holographic polishes right now myself. been lemming a couple for quite some time.