Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sparitual Shooting Star

I  have been a little busy with my studies recently, some days I don't get home before 9 p.m. I had barely enough energy to do anything. Interestingly, there are a lot of people from India and Uzbekistan studying with me. In the past month I acquired quite a lot of polishes, from a few really pretty Sparituals and Gosh Holographic Hero to a lot of OPI and Orly ones when my friend Sophie who decided to get rid of some of her polishes. Surprisingly we have very few polishes in common, a total of three I think.
Shooting Star is a true beauty! Purple with a hint of pink and blue. The finish is marked as 'shimmer' on this one. I used two coats.

Our cat keep using the last dry and warm-ish days to drag all sorts of creatures into the house as his trophies. I am already used to huge dragonflies, and small crickets, but the latest one is the creepiest still:

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