Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hi! And Layla Holographic 07 Ocean Rush

Hi there! I has been a while. I've been in France for just over a week, and it certainly takes some getting used to. I do like the studies here, and the fact that they are intense, but they leave me exhausted by the end of the day, hence no posting.
One thing that I find unbelievable here is that pretty much everything is closed on Sundays and during the week only work till around 7 pm during the week. Whaaaat? Shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants closes on Sunday. This is just mindbogglingly to me, since back home evenings and the weekends is THE time to go out, shop etc. The town itself is quite pretty if small, it has a lovely old town with cathedral and crooked houses.

As for nail polishes a few of them came with me to France, it was so difficult to choose which ones to take with me. I did take a few Layla's since they are so pretty. Ocean Rush is a gorgeous bright blue with an insane holographic rainbow. The formula on this one is good but weird. It only needs two coats and dries quickly, but my bottle have some lumpy bits in it compared to the other three Layla polishes I own. In the sun it is even more spectacular, so much so that my camera couldn't deal with all the awesomness.

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