Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Make Up Store - Greta

For me this is the first week when I don't have as much to do as usual. Less lectures, projects and general craziness. So I'm enjoying myself while it last by occasionally sleeping in and soaking up the sun.
Apparently, around here it is unseasonably cold, but still sunny. Since there is no snow (unlike back home) I can't really complain.

Me and Greta didn't get along for a while. The first time I tried it, the application was just a disaster, streaky, patchy mess. Fast forward to using Gosh Fix base coat, and it is much better. I still usually use three thin coats, but at least I don't groan in frustration in between :)
I think that out of all the holographic polishes I have Greta might be the most rainbow-y, but also the most difficult to capture. In real life it is much more vivid. I like that despite needing some three coats, it dries quickly and lasts pretty well, around three days on me, unlike some.

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