Thursday, 25 August 2011

H and M I'm Not A Kiwi

Hey everyone! Today I had some free time on my hands and decided that I haven't sorted my nail polish stash in a long time, and since starting blogging it has grown considerably. When I put it all together I was surprised to discover that in my stash some colours are more represented that others, and I have few unusual colours, such as this one. H&M I'm Not A Kiwi is a yellow lime green cream polish. It looks very similar to some polishes that OPI had in the Shrek collection, doesn't it? I never got any of those as I wasn't sure I would ever wear it. But surprisingly, I do quite like this colour, it is nice for the summer. The formula on this one was okay, a little streaky, but with three thin coats it looks fine. I think it can use some thinner next time I use it. I'm surprised that I did wear it for over four days, and even then I took it off just because I wanted to change the colour.

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  1. Gorgeous colour! And please, do a post about your nail polish collection! I would love to see all the colours you have! ;)