Wednesday, 28 September 2011

OPI Russian Navy Matte

This week I are really not up to the whole blogging thing. All I want to do is sleep and sleep some more. During the weekend we were moving and I caught a cold. Now I'm this sneezing, wheezing monster. And the best part? The only thing I really want is an ice cream. It kind of brings back childhood memories, when I would be fine the whole year round, but would wake up on the first day of the Christmas holidays with the flu. I pretty much don't have a single Christmas photo where I'm not sick.

Okay, on to the polish.

As much as I am indifferent to the original Russian Navy (for me it is just another blue polish, it lacks something special), I love this one! Thankfully I have a supplier of different blue polishes. It's so gorgeous, sophisticated, amazing! This was two coats, but you could probably get away with just one, if you apply it carefully and evenly. While putting it on I was so sure that it is blue, but with a top coat on, it is definitely blue-purple. Yes, the wear is not that great, it started chipping on the second day, but for such a gorgeous look I really don't mind.


  1. Huh, for some reason I thought RN Suede had more shimmer to it--I must be thinking of something else. Hope you're feeling better by now!

  2. @KarenD RN Suede probably does. I haven't tried that one yet, it is still on my wishlist :)