Friday, 23 December 2011

China Glaze Solar Flare

Today is my friend's Sophia's birthday! Happy Birthday, dear! Today I also happen to have my varda diena, a local celebration of "name day". It's a nice local tradition where many common/traditional names are allotted specific days that you can celebrate, like Victoria on December 23rd, or Alexander on November 18th. I view it as just an opportunity to treat yourself a little bit.
Anyway, my parents surprised me by presenting me with DS Fantasy, a polish on my wishlist. Awesome!!!

But today I have a chunky glitter top coat to show you. China Glaze's Solar Flare reminds me of golden fish scales. It has big gold hexagons glitter in a clear base. Here I am wearing one coat over OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight. I've worn Solar flare over other colours, and I especially like it over red (very festive) and over blue. This is one of those polishes that looks great in indirect light\cloudy weather as the hexagons reflect light at different angles.

Below is a close up of the polish in natural light, with a flash and in the sun.

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