Sunday, 11 December 2011

Jessica Blue Diamond

Finally, finally, finally I have some free time. I'm done with all my exams, and it seems that I'm going to pass them all pretty well. I'm looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree tomorrow, me and the cat will have to battle over the decorations. Also some free time means that I can catch up on some sleep. I've spent the last couple of days sewing a present for my mum, I've raided her fabric stash and made her a few aprons for Christmas.

Okay, so this polish is amazing! This is my first Jessica polish and I'm very impressed both by the colour and the formula. Blue Diamond #816 is a lovely dark blue polish. What makes it super awesome is the blue AND green shimmer. Amazing! This was two coats, but if you are careful I think you can get away with just one. I wore this polish for three days without any problems before I decided to try a new top coat, and I woke up with a bad case of pillow fingers for the first time in years. Now I know Jessica polishes don't work with Essence top coats.


  1. This one is pure gorgeous! I own only one Jessica polish but was disappointed to find it chips very fats, it was gone over the weekend, and was rather expensive too.