Thursday, 29 December 2011

Favourites of 2011

Here are the polishes that I liked the most this year. Certainly a lot of them did not come out this year, but I only tried them in 2011.
For a person who is not that into blue polish, I sure have found quite a few blue polishes that I adore.

Essence Circus Confetti
Probably the coolest glitter I own, it has so many different colours, shapes and sizes, yet they all work well together.

Catrice Forget-me-not!
Purple happens to be one of my most favourite colours and this polish embodies awesome purpleness perfectly.

OPI Lunch at the Delhi
I actually don't own this one, it's my friend's polish but it is so nice! It is very feminine, work safe, but still has enough colour not to be boring.

Essence Irreplaceable
At first it looks boring, but then it is revealed in all its glory. It has theis awesome lit-from-within look.

OPI Skull & Glossbones
This is a new neutral favourite of mine, I like how it looks with my skin tone, and that it is just a slight hint of grey.

SpaRitual Earth Matters
This is a gorgeous green glitter with a hint of gold to it.

OPI Golden Rainbow
This is one awesome polish! It has big holographic glitter as well as tiny gold circles.

China Glaze Trendsetter
I unexpectedly love this ugly-pretty shade.

China Glaze Meteor Shower
It is like a starry night sky, it sparkles in different lights and angles.

OPI DS Glamour
Blue holographic goodness, what else is there to say.

Jessica Blue Diamond
I like this polish a lot because the shimmer, it is both blue and green.

American Apparel Poppy
While the colour is not that unique or special, the formula on this is pure perfection, it only takes one coat.


  1. Great post! I just posted my 2011 favorites... but I couldn't pick just 12 like you. =)

  2. Wonderful choices! I added a couple of them to my wish list. :)