Thursday, 3 May 2012

OPI DS Jewel

I feel a little guilty about not liking this polish more. My dad got it as a surprise saying that he knew I like the ones with silver caps in boxes, referring to old DS polishes. On me DS Jewel looks a little bit like a 'mom color', though this reddish brown colour is very pretty. Ironically, my mum really likes this polish. This was two coats.

At the moment my life is just a bit crazy, I have literally just a few days to finish my research paper. Every day I go to bed with bloodshot eyes from staring at the computer all day, and then my brain keeps me awake, listing all the things that need doing.


  1. Hey :) I'm sorry to read you're becoming "obsessed" with your paper, and I know telling you it's absolutely normal will not make it easier on you (I hope it does not make you angry either).

    I guess what you need to do is take some time before going to bed for letting your brain relax. A shower or even a bath can help a lot. And drinking a hot infusion will also help to calm you. My personal treatment is to read English classics before going to bed (I'd recommend Emma, from Jane Austen), I swear it will help you crear your mind.

    On to the polish: it does not make me want to dance La Macarena either. But it's nice for a day or two :)

  2. Aw, it's sweet that your dad pays that much attention to your nail polish likes.

  3. This does look like a "mom" color haha ... but that was so nice of your dad to get it for you!

  4. I don't think it looks "mom" color, but it is a fall color, and I don't see why it's deserving of DS status.