Friday, 3 August 2012

Flormar Neons

Neons are everywhere this summer. Yet, somehow I cannot get fully on board with this tren. So I'm really happy that I had an opportunity to try a couple of neons, to see what I thought and whether I liked them.
Well, these are two neons from a Turkish company, they are marked #14, the green one and #12, the red/pink one.
These had a fantastic formula, I used two coats for the green one and just one coat for the red one. They dried really quickly and were very shiny.
To be honest, I'm not sold on the green polish. It is a bright highlighter-green in colour. It is certainly a fun colour, but I don't particulary like how it looks with my skin tone.

I prefer this colour to the green one, much more so. It is gorgeous, you can see red, pink, coral and even a hint of orange in it in different light. I'm not sure I would call it neon, though it is very bright. The fact that this intensity is achieved with just one coat doesn't hurt either :)

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