Thursday, 9 August 2012

NOTD Orly Androgynie

I have a sort of hit and miss relationship with Orly polishes. They are either amazing, with gorgeous colours, last long and are easy in application, or they barely last a day and are difficult to work with.
So whenever I see an Orly polish that is really gorgeous I really hope that it will be good. And only if it is really truly beautiful will I get it.

With Androgynie I went backwards and forwards whether I like it enough to get it. EventuallyI obviously succumbed :)
At first I was kind of disappointed that all the big hex glitter stuck to the bottle sides and very few made it to the nails. But after wearing it a couple of times I can say that I love how it looks. It is black, but there is enought of golden glitter in to to make it seem brown next to something truly black. Also whenever I use this polish, I shake it quite violently and then put it upside down for about 5-10 minutes. This way I get a sufficient amount of large glitter that I like on the nails. I usually use 2 coats like here, or layer one coat over black.

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