Thursday, 28 July 2011

Revlon 320 Ocean Breeze

Afternoon everyone! I’ve been cooped up in the house
for a couple of days now. It is cold and raining constantly. Plus some relatives I’ve never seen my life are visiting. There have been some trips down the family tree in the past few days, quite interesting actually.
This polish is an interesting shimmery blue polish that really does remind me of a deep blue ocean. It is one of the scented polishes from Revlon that I have, and I think this one has the nicest scent of them, though why you would need a smelly polish is beyond me. The polish itself has a rather thin consistency, so when I tried wearing it without the base coat, after four coats at certain angles I could see the nail line. I scrapped that plan and here I am wearing a ridgefiller and two coats. And it looks infinitely better. The wear is not as great because of course you don't wear a top coat with these polishes, so it started showing signs of tip wear after a day and a half.

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