Sunday, 31 July 2011

I've been really, really bad...

Last week the shop where I get most of my polishes got the delivery of a lot of OPI polishes. It's been a long time coming, since the last collection we had was the Burlesque one. So now they brought the Katy Perry one, all the shatters, Texas, Pirates, the soft shades, the summer one, and some other miscellaneous polishes. Is it any wonder I went crazy and got 10 nail polishes?!
So here are the polishes I got:

Silver Shatter
Catherine The Grape
Shorts Story
Come To Poppy
I Lily Love You

Not Like The Movies
Spark De Triomphe
Golden Rainbow I already have one, but another can't hurt
Skull & Glossbones
Steady As She Rose

Now I can tick off some polishes from my wish list.


  1. Haha these are VERY justifiable purchases! I've never heard of golden rainbow. Looking forward to your swatches!

  2. I've actually already shown the Golden Rainbow before