Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rococo Nail Apparel No Shrinking Violet

I've had this polish for almost six months now, got it in this gorgeous shop in Amsterdam, Skins Cosmetics. It was one of those cases when I felt like a shabby student in jeans next to the prim and proper diamond and fur-wearing clients.
I was actually hoping to get Andromedia, a kind of brown nail polish with holographic glitter in it. But no luck, so I decided to choose the most interesting colour there. The shop had about 40-50 polishes grouped together by finishes - pastels, neons, neutrals, and more interesting colours; they also had the Gold Leaf Lacquer.

The packaging design is of course absolutely gorgeous! I also like that each polish comes with a separate paper inside listing information about the company, ingredients, other products and also the types of finishes they have and the coverage they provide (Creme Gloss, Satin, Matte, Luxe, Metallic, Molten Lava, Glitter, Sheer Gloss/Stain).

No Shrinking Violet falls into the Metallic category and the colour is supposed to be "futuristic metallics, good coverage". I don't see the metallic aspect, but it doesn't matter, the polish is pretty without it. It only needs two coats and is purple with purple, magenta and some blue shimmer in it. I like the formula a lot on this one and also the wear time was great, some four days with no problems. The photos with flash tend to make the polish look blue, but it isn't.

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