Sunday, 29 May 2011

OPI Midnight Blue Glitter

Today I had a day full of crazy action. Let's say that I now know what I will grab first in case my house is on fire not just in theory. It will be Felix, our cat :)

I unearthed this gorgeous polish in a dusty corner of my local shop. Midnight Blue Glitter. What can I say, it is stunning! It's a black label polish, so I'm assuming it came out a while back and is now hard to find. It has a very interesting texture. It has a sheer grey base, in it are lots of tiny charcoal grey glitters. On top of that there are also two different kinds of blue glitter mixed in. Together they make a real beauty. This polish does require three thin coats to be totally opaque, and there is one drawback - it takes a while to dry. I'm assuming this is because of the old formula. But after it dries you get a really gorgeous polish that I wore for three days without any problems.


  1. Someday this beauty will be mine, I hope. Looks very nice on you!

  2. beautiful her nails, I'm following you, then follow me.

  3. @ KarenD. Thank you! It is really gorgeous!