Saturday, 12 February 2011

Misa 178 & 179

I was meaning to post this a few days ago, but it has been heavily snowing here for the best part of 2 days, with the added bonus of power failure and no internet.
So back to the polishes. I picked up two Misa polishes that I liked the look of; they are 178 Forbidden Lust on the left and 179 Toxic Seduction on the right.
When I finally got a look at them in proper light, I was really pleased with my choice. I don't have anything similar in my collection, and they're not too over the top for me.

Forbidden Lust is a vibrant pink-purple shimmer. It goes on beautifully in two coats. When I started putting it on, I immediately thought that it looks like an orchid. Beautiful!

Toxic Seduction is a dark green. At first it looks dark gray, but when it catches the light, a gorgeous green is revealed.

I love these two polishes, the only thing I'm not really into are the names. They just don't make a lot of sense or match the colors themselves.

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