Saturday, 26 February 2011

OPI Ink Suede

I actually wanted to get Russian Navy Suede, but for some reason got this one instead. Oh well, I'll just have an excuse to get the other one later :)
This is my first OPI suede polish. It is probably the most difficult polish I've tried to put on. This is attempt number two, since the first one was unsatisfactory. The problem I had with putting it on was that one coat is not enough, while The second wouldn't go on smoothly. I figured it was because of the base coat - no matter how much i let it dry, the second color coat just smudges everything off. Agrr!!! So I tried it without the base, and it still didn't look all that great. So after a lot of trial and error I did manage to have 2 layers of polish and a base coat. Success!

I also really like how it looks with a top coat, perhaps even better than in the suede version. This way it is packed with gorgeous shimmer!!!

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