Wednesday, 9 February 2011

my first OPIs

The first time I tried OPI polishes was three or four years ago when they first appeared around here in an upscale department store. They had a range of cute colors and funny names, so I bought three of them to try. I must say it was more of a hit and miss situation.

The first one is An Affair in Red Square. It's a decent red shimmer, but I don't like it on my nails. It shows every single ridge on my nails, even the ones I didn't know existed. It sort of made my nails look plastic. It stays on for just a couple of days and peels off in big chunks. Not cool.

Black Satin is yet another shimmer. It's somewhere between dark gray and black with silvery shimmer. Even though I hoped it would be more black than gray, this has been more of a hit with me than the others.

And the last one is Play 'Til Midnight, a blue polish with shimmer. In theory this was supposed to be a big hit with me, and the nicest of the three. But boy was I wrong about that. First of all, it looks absolutely gorgeous and shiny in the bottle, while on the nails it dulls SO much. You can tell that it's in the blue\purple color region but that's it. There is no shine and looks really boring. These photos I did in direct sunlight, so you can actually see the shimmer, but in normal light it's not as pretty.

I'm going to make a comparison to Russian Navy soon!

Looking back at my choices of OPI polishes I'm starting to doubt my taste and ability to choose pretty polish.

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