Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Polish fail

One of the biggest nail polish fails to date has been my first and unfortunate experience with China Glaze. I was about to start my placement at a company, and needed a beautiful neutral polish. I chose China Glaze Innocence. It was the most adorable color, just pink enough to be girly, but not nearly bright enough to be inappropriate in the workplace. All in all, I was in love with this polish. I would wear it for a few days, when it would start to chip, I would just repaint my nails. And on my days off, I would go all out, and have red, purple, gold nails. All was well.
But after a few weeks I noticed that my nails were yellow, something that almost never happens to me. I assumed that it must be the dark\vibrant polishes I wear during the time off. So I stopped wearing them. It didn't help, and my nails were becoming even more yellow. I changed my base coat, maybe it was at fault, but to no avail. By this point my nails were embarrassingly yellow, really bright. And if before I was able to wear just clear polish and be happy, now I just couldn't.
At this point I started to suspect my beautiful China Glaze; I bought a much cheaper drugstore brand polish in boring beige and waited to see the result. My nails started growing out without the yellow tinge. Unfortunately Innocence had to go. It took me months to grow out the yellow nails, even buffing did not help to improve the look.
As it can be expected, I am really apprehensive to try China Glaze again. I mean, it was a nude polish! I dread to think what my nails will look like after a dark CG polish. All in all, it is a real pity that this was the experience I had with my first China Glaze. Yet there are still a few of their polishes on my wish list.

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