Monday, 28 February 2011

Zoya Julieanne

Until very recently I lived under the belief that Zoya polishes were not sold where I live. Which is a pity, since I actually like to shop for nail polish in person, to stand in front of a display and be blown away by choice and be indecisive about which color to choose and then buying as many as possible anyway. Yes, there are a lot of swatches online and etailers, but for me it is not quite the same. Sometimes even the most boring-looking polishes will grab my attention when I see them in person.
So it turns out that there is a shop that carries Zoya, Jessica and Essie, the brands that I would like to try. Unfortunately, this is where the good news for me end. The shop sells Zoya for about 9$, which seems reasonable, until you get to the catch - this price is only for "professionals registered with the shop". And all other mere mortals pay twice as much. Paying 18$ for a brand I've never tried seems too much. Plus this is what I pay for two OPIs.
One Zoya or two OPI?!?! Decisions, decisions...

I did get Julieanne, but it felt like I was being mugged in broad daylight. The color is beautiful, though. It's a very dark, almost black, purple with abundance of purple shimmer. In the bottle you can see the duochrome shimmer, but it is not visible on the nails. It gets nice and even in two coats. I struggled a bit with the brush, but i suspect that's just because I'm not used to it.
All in all I liked Julieanne, and I have about ten more Zoya polishes on my wishlist, but at such prices I don't see it happening.

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  1. omg jā tās cenas ir vnk briesmīgas. kas zin, maybe tu biji pirmā, kas patiešām saņemās un samaksāja. :)