Saturday, 25 June 2011

Chanel 505 Particuliere

Hey guys! The last couple of days were spent in total idleness, being a national holiday here and all. Lots of carrot cake and watching movies till 3 am. Oh and of course my HDD broke down taking 40+ polish swatches with it that I was planning to post. Great, just great.
Ok, on to the polish. I’m sure you all have seen this a hundred times, but I thought I’d show it anyway. Particuliere is an interesting polish, at times it sort of looks taupe, sometimes more gray, or brown, or beige. Very complex. The formula is also butter-y smooth, and perfect with just two thin coats. I don’t think I quite *get* this polish, though. Sure, it’s supposed to be a neutral, but if I want to wear something neutral I would go for milky white or the palest pink, or even something sheer. I guess on my freakishly pale skin it just is too brown, but it must be stunning on tanned skin.

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