Saturday, 18 June 2011

Look by Bipa 19 Sunset

Evening everyone! How are you all doing? I'm finished with my studies till September (yea!) so I've treated myself to a couple of gorgeous polishes. I'm going to show them to you in a few days. But for now I have for you something really sunny, because I just need that. It's been raining constantly for the last three days, it's cold and miserable.
So, what have we got here? Sunset is a bright yellow cream polish. The formula is okay, though it's a bit thick. It needed three coats, yet it is still slightly uneven. As much as I want to love yellow polishes, I think it is just not for me. I wish that yellow would suit me (I've wanted to get Mimosa ever since I saw the promo pictures). Pretty much every time I try yellow polishes, they look really horrible on me, make me look sick. I guess from now on I'll just have to avoid them altogether.

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