Saturday, 4 June 2011


The last couple of weeks have been really great in terms of acquiring new polishes. First of all my dad went on business to London and came back with lots of polishes for me and my mum. That was something I did not expect, plus I was really pleasantly surprised by his color choice, mostly because they were not neutral pale pinks (for the most part).

First of all,there are the Revlon polishes. Sadly, we don't have Revlon here so this is great. There's a base and top coat, which I really like so far, plus three scented polishes and one light pink one.

L-R: top coat, Pink Nude, Ocean Breeze, Passion Fruit, Beach, base coat.

Next are the polishes that are meant for my mum, the three Givenchy Vernis Please! polishes. They are only 5.5ml, but cost an arm and a leg.

L-R: Candide Peach, Acid Orange, and Vintage Garnet.

I also got three YSL La Laque polishes. I'm just drooling over them! The one on the right is called extreme purple, but I somehow just don't see it.

L-R: Tulipe Noire, Fuchsia, and Pourpre Extreme

Apart from that I also got some polishes on my own. How could I not - the local shop was having 20% off OPI. I'm hoping it means that they will have the new stock in the for of the Texas collection or even the Pirate one.

L-R: Strawberry Margarita, Brand New Skates, Baguette Me Not, Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, Bastille My Heart, China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Orly Here Comes Trouble

I got the small Orly polish to see if I liked how it looked, and by trying it on just a few nails I love it! I'll have to get the full bottle and the purple one as well. It looks so gorgeous!

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