Saturday, 5 March 2011

Chanel 461 Blue Satin

WOW! This is stunning nail polish. Thanks Lena for letting me try it! This is a very dense super dark blue polish, that looks black in most light. It is easily opaque in one coat, which is really nice, yet it was more difficult to put on than other Chanel polishes. In the bottle the polish actually has much, much more blue shimmer, that doesn't translate onto the shine on the nails. Such a pity!!! But I still like it very much.
When completely dry, this reminds me a lot of OPI Russian Navy and Play Til Midnight, only this one is more dense.


  1. Woooooow!!!! I really like your nails :) And the polish is sick!!!!
    I should buy it too... Very curious.

    I keep a blog too, I'd be really happy if you followed me too!

    Hope to become blogger friends :)
    Cheers from Turkey!


  2. Yes, it is gorgeous! I love the fact that you can only use 1 coat.