Wednesday, 16 March 2011

OPI Conquistadorable Color

This is a very interesting color from the Espana collection. It's not exactly pink, but not exactly red either. It's sort of in between and both at the same time. It's a nice creme polish, goes on really easily and dries quickly; here I'm wearing two coats. I usually wear it when I don't want red, but still want something bright.
I like that this polish changes color\looks really different in different light, but it's really difficult to capture it correctly. In sunlight and artificial light it seems very red, like bright cherry red. In natural light it looks the closest to reality.


  1. I love the whole Espa┼ła collection and this one belongs to my favorites in it!

  2. I got this just for the color, waaaaay before I was into OPI or even knew that they had "collections" :)

  3. Oh I just picked this color up last week, now I'm really excited to try it!